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Dory’s Deli brought out lots of people to clean up on 10/7/2018

Thanks to Dory Deli we had a great cleanup on October 7.



September 15 was California Coastal Cleanup Day

California’s biggest cleanup day this year was September 15. Many thanks to all who helped out. We had about 60 people and pulled out more than a ton of trash in less than 3 hours. This is the most important cleanup we do all year even though it’s not at the beach it has a direct impact on reducing what will go to the beach the next time it rains in Orange County. Even a storm in Riverside or San Bernardino can bring rain water through the channel bringing all of the trash with it.

Proposed desalination of water in Huntington Beach

The proposed Poseidon desalination plant in Huntington Beach will dramatically increase the cost of water, lower the water quality in our shared aquifer, and hurt local businesses. We will be bringing the news to this page as it happens. For past events search desalination plant proposed in Huntington Beach.

International Surfing Day

International Surfing Day is a day we celebrate the Surf culture but we still do a cleanup. Hey it’s Surfrider after all. Come out and surf and clean up.  8 AM until 12 noon at 19th street in Newport Beach. Just blocks from Mcfadden Square by the Newport Pier

ISD 2018 Poster with news about 19th street


June 2, 2018 Newport Harbor Underwater Cleanup

The 2nd annual underwater cleanup was at the Balboa Bay Club on June 2.  Thanks to our Help your Harbor partners over 200 certified divers made the harbor cleaner in one day. Read more here.

Earth Day cleanup will be inside the Santa Ana River Channel 9 AM-12 noon

We had a great cleanup inside the Santa Ana River Flood Control Channel. Over 100 volunteers in less than 3 hours collected over a 3000 lbs. of trash and a lot of that trash was very light weight plastic film so you can imagine how much it really was. Thanks to all that participated.

Trash Wheel collection device to be installed in the Newport Back Bay

Help Surfrider Foundation Newport Beach Chapter fund the Newport Back Bay Clean Up Engineering Design

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Do you really need a plastic straw?

This is the question we want you to be asking your server next time you sit down at a restaurant or better yet when they greet you. Ask them if they know about the current trend to not use plastic straws. If they say no just reply “Oh Yes, responsible restaurants are now only giving them out upon request because of the environmental dangers they cause. Did you see that YouTube video of the turtle with a straw caught in his wind pipe?” See what they say. If you want to go the extra mile ask to see the manager on duty and if they are interested tell them to get a hold of us at


No new drilling off our coast Rally in Laguna recap

The rally went well. We’re still waiting for drone footage and will post it here.

Why don’t we want new drilling for oil in the ocean? Because it can spill.

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