Sand replenishment goes awry. The pipe that is buried under the sand from the Santa Ana River flood control channel to 40th street was fastened to the ocean floor away from the jetty but because of all of the storms and wind we have had lately the pipe came away from it’s anchor. The contractor fastened it again to the ocean floor but again it broke free. So now you can literally see the sand and water combination coming out of the pipe. They are doing this work to get the channel back to design grade so that there won’t be a chance of flooding but in the mean time it is making quite a mess. Our chapter has been in contact with the OC health department where they have assured us they are doing testing to make sure it is safe to swim nearby. That being said do you really want to swim near this? The project should be done in early May and we are talking to the Army Corps of Engineers who has control of the channel to see if they can implement a device to stop the sand from getting into the channel so that it doesn’t have to be dredged. Need more information or want to get involved? Email Darrel Ferguson at