This is a letter I recently wrote Barbara Boxer as it has been noted lately she is on board with the Desalination people.

Hi Barbara, it’s probably been a while since you were able to go to the beach and just be there without a freeway or city vibe as a backdrop. I hope this comment reminds you that the beach is suppose to be a natural place we visit and not a place that you need to hop into a boat and go out a mile to experience a similar setting. We don’t need more machinery at the beach we need less. In this case Less is More. Less energy from Man More energy from the Ocean. Please do not let Desalination come to our beach in Huntington Beach. It costs more than sustainable measures like recycling nuisance water from storm drains which have many other positive side effects. Nuisance water left unchecked take pollutants and trash to the Ocean with or without a storm event. When this water is diverted and recycled it can be used to pressure the ground water aquifers or be used for consumption. Nuisance water also supports plants inside the flood control channels that trap trash and so when a storm event does occur we get all of those plants at the beach which have to be hauled away from the city. Unnecessary resources being used. Please support water recycling from nuisance water and tell Desalination Companies “thanks but no thanks”.

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