Here is an excerpt from the OC Register with my op-ed next to it.

[I hear water produced through desalination is more expensive than groundwater or imported water from the Colorado, Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers. Is that true?

At current prices, yes. According to John Kennedy, the executive director of engineering and water resources at the Orange County Water District, groundwater costs $402 per acre-foot (an acre-foot is about 326,000 gallons, about enough for two average American families per year). Imported water costs $1,059 per acre-foot in Southern California. Desalinated ocean water costs $1,900 to $2,100 per acre-foot.

If proposed desalination projects go forward, the average household bill is expected to increase by $3 to $6 each month.]

This is what is known as fuzzy math. $402.00 isĀ 20% of $2010,00 so if your monthly bill was$ 33.50 (12 x $33.5 = $402) then your new monthly bill will be $167.50. That’s not $3-$6.00 more that’s $134.00 more. Now the article did say that this would be what the average 2 families would use so we can adjust the bill to half but ask yourself this, does your water bill only come to 16.75 a month? Probably not. So how can it be that the average person will only pay 3 to 6 more. Oh I get it now. The new water is only going to be used by about 10% of the people in the area but everyone is going to help pay for it. Aha