This past weekend, an oil spill off the coast of Orange County resulted in ecological damage to our coastline. Read Surfrider’s statement on the oil spill and a list of ways to get involved.

On Saturday morning, we led a beach cleanup by the Santa Ana River, where a sand dredging project is currently underway. Later in the day, oil from the spill reached the coast, and by Sunday evening, oil had accumulated at the same area, as seen in the photo above. We are deeply disappointed, and we will continue to monitor the situation.

We are heartened that our local community is uniting to address this incident, and we are aware that many of you are interested in joining the effort to clean up the spill. At this time, the public is being asked to leave cleanup efforts to trained workers and volunteers. In the future, you can receive updates from Surfrider on cleanup opportunities, when available, by:

  1. Texting “oilspill” (one word) to 51555, or
  2. Completing an online form.

Trained volunteers can submit an interest form to Cal Spill Watch.

For updates from the unified command responding to the oil spill, visit the Southern California Spill Response website.

We urge you to protect your health by avoiding contact with affected waters and minimizing exposure to toxic oil fumes. For beach and harbor status, please visit city, county, and state park websites: