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Programs | Posted 09.24.17

Ocean Friendly Restaurants

by Darrel Ferguson

We have been going strong registering restaurants in Newport Beach and in our watershed. Straw-less in September is a campaign started in Seattle and now trending here. Read more.


Straws found in 1 hour of cleaning up the beach on August 5, 2017


Ocean Friendly Restaurants

by Darrel Ferguson

Ocean Friendly Restaurants is a free and voluntary certification program for restaurants that are environmentally friendly and support Surfrider’s mission of clean beaches and waters. Certified restaurants protect stormwater from pollutants such as bacteria, Styrofoam, plastic bags and straws, and properly manage their used fats, oils and grease to prevent sanitary sewer overflows and grease clogs, which can impair water quality, close beaches and restaurants, and impact economies.

We are also partnering with Waste Management in diverting food waste to renewable energy, and are reducing the potential for bacteria to enter stormwater runoff from trash areas.

To get involved with our chapter’s lead on this program, send an email to

We’re keeping beaches and waves clean, one restaurant at a time!  Watch for your favorite restaurants to display this window sticker, and you can also promote the program with them! It’s FREE!

To learn more about this exciting pollution prevention program click here.

Surfrider Foundation acknowledges that we cannot claim that all listed Restaurants are 100% in compliance with OFR standards at all times, but that Surfrider Foundation strives to diligently review compliance on a regular basis. If an Ocean Friendly Restaurant is found to be out of compliance, they are removed from the website as quickly as possible. Such a restaurant will not be reinstated on the list of Ocean Friendly Restaurants until the compliance issue is remedied.