November 8 was a very special day for California

Proposition 67 passed. A “yes” vote supported upholding the contested legislation banning certain plastic bags that was enacted by the California State Legislature as Senate Bill 270. This ends millions of plastic bags going into a landfill each year. Now hopefully people will take matters into their own hands and reuse cotton bags or bags made from other natural sources for shopping. Even if they use paper bags it will be better since paper is compostable where plastic is not.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Chapman University for cleaning up all of the trash around Mcfadden square in Newport Beach on Sunday, October 20. If you didn’t know better you would of thought they were having the greatest time. They collected the data on what they picked up and I will release the total findings soon. They picked up over 1000 cigarette butts. Yuck.


October 20 is get your Halloween bag day 3-6 PM

We are handing out 25 green and 25 orange Halloween bags on October 20 at Sprouts on E. 17th street in Costa Mesa. The bags are from Chico bags, the classic bag that folds into a small pocket size bag. We will also be giving away our regular Surfrider bags to urge people to vote on proposition 67. Come out and say hi and get a bag.

Phone Bank, Yes on prop 67

Our chapter of Surfrider Foundation was in Costa Mesa on Saturday, October 15, phone banking to urge voters to vote yes on prop 67 the bag ban. We did it at Crashlabs which is an awesome place to work in a temporary office or meeting room. We had about 10 people there calling locals to urge their yes vote on prop 67, the CA statewide bag ban. Thanks to SideCar donuts and Keane Coffee for donating their delights.

Health of OC beaches

General health info of the beach.

Getting ready for election day? We are.

The California Plastic Bag Ban Veto Referendum, also known as Proposition 67, will be on the November 8, 2016, ballot in California as a veto referendum.

We will be urging all registered voters to vote yes on 67

A “yes” vote is a vote in favor of upholding the contested legislation banning plastic bags that was enacted by the California State Legislature under the name Senate Bill 270.

We will be passing out bags at grocery stores asking people to vote yes on prop 67. Would you like to help. Let us know by emailing Michelle at

To sign in support of this proposition go to

For more information about prop 67 please visit this page,

Coastal Commission meeting September 7 in Newport Beach

Application No. 5-15-2097 (Newport Banning Ranch, LLC, Newport Beach)

Hearing Procedures

Application of Newport Banning Ranch, LLC to abandon oil operations, clean and remediate soil, and subdivide 401 acre site into residential, commercial, mixed use, open space, park, and public street lots. Grade 2.8 million cu.yds. of soil and construct residential and commercial development including approx. 12-acres of roads, 37-acres of residential with 895 residential units, 45,100 sq.ft. of commercial use, 75 room resort and 20 bed hostel, 5 acres of park, and construct public trails within 324-acre Natural Open Space Preserve, and Oil operations would remain on 15 acres, at 5100 block of West Coast Highway, Newport Beach, Orange County. (AD-LB)

E-mail correspondence concerning this item may be sent to

Re-cap of Waste-Less Art Show

Our 2nd Annual Waste-Less Art Show Fundraiser this year at Volcom was a great success. We thank Volcom for being able to use their location. A big thanks to all of the artists that gave their time and proceeds to our chapter and a huge thanks for all of the Newport Beach Chapter members who came out and enjoyed the evening with us.

Raising funds for bottle fill stations

Raising funds for bottle fill stations

Rise above Plastics raises money for Fill Stations


Americans drink more bottled water than any other nation. 29 billion bottles per year.

Production burns 17 million barrels of crude oil per year – the equivalent of keeping one million cars on the road for one year straight.

One bottle re-fill station can save over 17,000 plastics water bottles, avoiding 14 tons of plastic waste.

Surfrider Foundation Newport Beach Chapter is raising money to install two bottle re-fill stations in the city this year.
Each Fill Station costs 4,800-5,000.

Tier 1 Donation: 5.00-500.00 Invited to Fill station installment party
Tier 2: 500.00-1000.00 Special Gift and Invited to Fill station installment party
Tier 3: 1000.00 or more:The fill station Plaque will have your name on it and Invited to Fill station installment party

We appreciate your contribution!

You may donate directly to Surfrider Foundation Newport Beach Chapter with your credit card or paypal account using the Donate button below.

Thank you for your support!

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