Patagonia awards grant to our chapter of Surfrider Foundation

As you may know our chapter in partnership with the Help Your Harbor consortium is planning on putting a water wheel trash collection device in the Upper Newport Bay. This device is currently being used in the Jones Falls River in Baltimore Maryland with unparalleled success. In order for Newport Bay  (one of the largest and most sensitive estuary in North America, a nesting ground to 2 endangered species) to be able to have a water wheel device of it’s own working to capture the tons of trash that end up in our Newport Harbor, we have to satisfy many requirements of the city and state. Starting with the CEQA engineering and environmental report the course will be a pricey one, but one that will ultimately end with improved water quality in the Back Bay. Patagonia has awarded our chapter a grant of $10,000 which we will hand over to the city of Newport Beach to help cover the expenses of these reports.

Many thanks to Patagonia and we can’t wait to see this project begin!