Help Surfrider Foundation Newport Beach Chapter fund the Newport Back Bay Clean Up Engineering Design


The Surfrider Foundation mission is the protection and enjoyment of the world’s ocean, waves and beaches through a powerful activist network. This activist network is made up of local chapter members combining their skills and passions to fulfill the Surfrider mission locally and support local programs and projects. The Surfrider Foundation Newport Beach Chapter local activists want to stop trash from reaching the Upper Newport Bay and beyond by implementing an engineering solution. You can help us fund this solution.

Our cities discharge waste into waterways in an effort to get all water away from our roads and homes down to the ocean. We now have advanced systems for treating human waste, but we don’t use the same technology for the waste that we have on our yards, streets, walkways and other impervious surfaces.

We have storm drain catch basins on our roads in virtually every neighborhood to protect our homes from flooding. This system results in debris, car fluids, fertilizers and other pollutants running through our watershed and straight to the ocean. The result is poor water quality at our beaches, where we recreate as coastal residents..

Our harbors and waterways around coastal Newport Beach are built  around or out of existing wetlands. These natural areas are made by rivers or streams inland. Now retrofitted for flood control, the harbors collect more silt and debris than ever intended from the urban land uses in the watershed.

Surfrider Foundation Newport Beach Chapter wants to implement a new method of debris collection inside of the Back Bay in Newport Beach.  Instead of letting all trash come down from the storm drain into the upper Newport bay, lower bay, and harbor, we want to STOP it before it enters the upper bay.

We will begin with engineering designs and research to determine what type of end of pipe solution will work given the many variations of conditions that exist in the Newport Back Bay area. The mechanism will need to withstand the many elements and activities that are unique to that specific area.

Once the design is approved, the Newport Beach City can obtain funds from Proposition 1 grants, and then build and implement the structural treatment device design.

Surfrider Foundation Newport Beach Chapter will fund the research phase of the engineering design. The cost of this engineering design research is $15000.00.  Funding this research will enable local Surfrider members to begin a partnership with the city of Newport Beach to improve our ocean, waves and beaches. Please help us to fund this project. Donate in any amount to the Surfrider Foundation Newport Beach Chapter and specify your donation is for the “Back Bay Clean Up Project”.

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