The Inertia Article

The Show is now past but the artwork can be seen and purchased until September 23. Please contact Melissa Butcher at DAX to make sure they will be open at the time you intend to go. Melissa can be reached at Office: 714.957.1706 See pictures of the event here

Below is a list of Artists whose art is on display. This list may be incomplete.


1-Kimberley Eaton-Paintings

2-Tim Mendez-Photographs

3-Andrew Hansen-Mixed Media

4-Jennifer Smucker-Photographs

5-Jared Heim-surfboard

6-Shannon Lindsey-dress

7-Joey Brantley Photographs

8-John Fisher-Photographs

9-Nathan Gibbs- Paintings

10-Andrew Sneddon-Photographs/ Acrylics

11-Nate Riefke-Photograghs

12-Annette Alday-Painting

13. Chris Galligan- painted wood pieces-

14.Timothy Hogan- photos- the fin project

15. Kim Hamrock- paintings

16.Bryan Helfand-

17. Janessa Bookout- paintings

18.Elaine Mitchell- 2 paintings and  rock/statues

19.Pil Li- paintings

20. Alice Leggett- paintings

21. Ricky Blake-

22. Drew Brophy-paintings and mixed media