The Surfrider Foundation Newport Beach  Chapter  held their 6th Annual RockWater Relay on March 23, 2013.  Six teams participated in the nearly 29 mile relay race to bring awareness to the watershed and its effects on beach and ocean pollution.  Several of the teams were mixed participants utilizing runners, bikers, and skateboarders while picking up trash along the route. The race begins each year at the head of the Santa Ana River Trail and follows it's length to the beach between Huntington and Newport Beach. Volunteers were stationed at each of the seven switch-out points to support the participants and educate bystanders.  The race was created to not only educate Surfrider's members and volunteers that anything on land can find it's way to the ocean via a watershed, but also to engage outdoor enthusiasts with activities outside surfing.  Each year the race has grown and has gained annual sponsorships as well, including Brown Foreman, Newmeyer + Dillion, Fresh Griller, Tattooed Steel and Hurley H20 as major contributors to the Chapter to help support other watershed related projects.