All chapters of Surfrider Foundation including ours depend on their members to achieve our mission. Our executive committee is made up of members who volunteer their time to achieve our current goals. Not all of our members are surfers most of us just love the beach. One of our biggest goals is to raise awareness of the negative impacts of single use plastics and the positive impacts of using reusable products even if they are made of plastic. Of course we wish some day a genius comes along and shows us all a material that does the same thing as plastic but has the ability to compost.
Some of the programs we have now are our beach cleanups, our Rise Above Plastics program, and our Ocean Friendly Gardens Program. Tiffany Delke and Jessie Rickerson are the leads on our Rise above Plastics program and are urging Newport Beach residents to use a better bag than single use plastic bags. Katie Hunt is our Ocean Friendly Gardens lead and is ramping up for creating an interpretive garden at the Orange County Heritage Museum. Michelle Giron is our volunteer coordinator and can get you in touch with our program leads so that you can show up at events and help us protect our local Ocean, Beaches, and Waves. We need volunteers to reach our goals and we deeply appreciate all who participate. Come meet some of the most wonderful people in Newport Beach and help protect our Ocean, Beaches and Waves.